“I cannot start to explain how Liza saved the day and literally saved my expensive wedding dress. I had taken my wedding gown to another tailor initially who decided to cut off the train to add it elsewhere! Needless to say the dress was destroyed and we immediately ran to Liza to fix it. Not only did she fix the major problem she turned the gown into an exquisite, flawless dress that left hundreds of people asking me on my wedding night where I made such a beautiful wedding gown. My dress required A LOT of work and Liza did exactly what I asked for and more! Liza and her team are beyond professional, and their work is truly impeccable. Liza works with her heart, she put a lot of love and care into every fine details of the dress. I know first hand she works very late hours to make every dress as perfect as possible, with a lot of passion and attention. I cannot express my gratitude to Liza and her wonderful team for saving the day and saving my dress!! Liza and her team are very patient, understanding and accommodate to what each individualized bride needs. I also spent nearly three weeks trying to find a tiara that matched my dress, and I ended up getting a very elegant tiara that looked royal and matched the dress perfectly from Liza's store. I would be happy to speak to anyone directly to show them first hand my before and after dress. Keep up the magnificent work!!”

- Orly B.

"I cannot say better things with Liza and her team. I went in there with a specific dress I actually tried on in a another store right before my appointment with her and her words were, "I can make this dress and a million times better" and something made me believe her. I have never had a custom made dress done before so it was scary not knowing what to expect. We started the fitting process and watching my dress come to life and OMGGGG she is a dress making genius. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the final results. It was the most magical experience,  She listens to everything I said and made the most beautiful dress in the world. Made the original dress I  loved look like a standard dress. Her personality made me love coming there and she is so easy to work with. she does not make you feel uncomfortable when you want something changed. I will miss her and her team!!!”

- Carolyn D.

“I love LIZA!!! She is something else! When i went to her store the first day I knew already what I wanted and told her my dream dress!....
6 months later she got my dress and head to toe changed it up!
My dress was a mermaid style but had a unique touch to it. Liza and her team had my skirt removed and double secured so that it doesn't come off during the day. 
It was beautiful and everyone wanted to know where i got my dress made!!!!
Thank you Liza and team!!!! Love you all!”

- Marine J

“Liza is SUCH an amazing individual and I've had nothing less than a positive experience. She has been fantastic in creating my dream wedding dress and is such a hard worker who worries about every little detail. She knows what looks good for your body. I can definitely say you can put your trust in Liza as she will put a big smile on your face. Excited for the final steps in beading/detailing :)”

- Jessica M.